Neglect, Promises, and Adrenal Tumors

A realization…

As I’m sitting in the hospital waiting for my surgery check-in time, I realized that, while I have been overly concerned with my health, I’ve completely neglected this blog.

It’s time I remedy that.

My current health situation

For those that don’t yet know, I’m in the midst of a major health scare.  I spent many months trying to get my Crohn’s disease under control. Nothing got better and nothing seemed to be wrong according to various test. Yet, I was constantly fatigued and had persistent abdominal pain.

Back in August, I was sent for an ultrasound of my gallbladder. It was during that imaging that it was noted I had a large adrenal tumor. It was also noted that it had been there for more than four years. And it had grown. Not one doctor had mentioned it or the need for monitoring. Now, there is a possibility of malignancy.

After almost two months of additional tests, immediate surgical removal was recommended.  


The surgery is minutes away and, yeah, I’m terrified. I have no clue whether it is going to be done laparoscopically or open. The doctor can’t tell until he starts. I may have one day of recovery or five. And, of course, there’s the question of the “C” word.

The only thing that is certain right now is that I want to get back to regularly post on this blog and the related social media accounts. I have forgotten that I am not telling these stories and giving out this information for me. I’m doing it because I know so many others out there go through similar things as me every day. So many people want info on chronic illness and fabulously living with it. So many want help with finances and/or family.

I’m back. And I’m here for you.


2 thoughts on “Neglect, Promises, and Adrenal Tumors

  1. I hope surgery went well and you’re healing up as quick and least pain as possible. Just realised it was your picture I had seen on Twitter… the one with little Mr man and you smiling before op. Only realised because of the backstory you wrote in this blog then made the connection, haha

    Anyways, do what you can and take it easy.

    One Spoon At A Time,

    Laura 🌻🙏❤


    1. Thank you so much, Laura! All did go well, though they kicked me out of hospital a little too soon in my opinion. (Perks of being on Medicare! 🙄) I am trying to mend up and be as positive as I can be. The little guy is helping a lot with that. 😊


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