Spoonie Health Challenges

If you are a spoonie, a person with a chronic health condition including mental illness, you know how hard it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of this, I created a Facebook group dedicated to time-based challenges that will help us get in the habit of pushing ourselves hard enough to make a difference, but not so hard that we suffer.

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How it helps…

If you have a chronic illness, chances are you know how isolating it can be. Friends and family no longer count on you to attend gettogethers. Eventually, they may stop visiting and calling altogether. Most of your social interaction ends up being on social media.

If you have an invisible illness, it can be even worse. There are the accusations from everyone including some doctors that you are faking it or seeking attention.

You may desperately want to take better care of yourself —whether it’s to lose weight, feel better, or both— but that’s a difficult task when you’re isolated. We all need a tribe. Your tribe understands you. They cheer you on. They console you when things get rough and encourage you to keep going or try again.

The Spoonie Health Challenges Group is your TRIBE!  



What you’ll find…

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

In addition to the supportive, like-minded and like-bodied members of the group, you find all the tools you need to prepare for and start the challenges.

  • Weekly Challenge Checklists
  • Exercise Prompts
  • Log Worksheets
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet Options
  • Recipes submitted by other group members including me. I even take requests for recipe makeovers through that group.


Anti Inflammatory Diet
I have included plenty of info on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and the variations we are using in the files and Units of the group. You can also pick up The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans in Paperback or Kindle for a full explanation plus recipes and four weeks of menus.





If you join by August 6th, you’ll be right on track with everyone else who is starting over at week one. If you join later, feel free to start where you are comfortable. One thing you’ll find with the group is that we understand that not everyone can stick to the challenges exactly how they are written. I personally can not walk 10,000 steps a day. My goal is 4,000 and that’s about 3,200 steps more than I took before. Can’t do 10 squats? Do 5! The goal is to eat better, eliminate processed and refined foods, and be more active than you were before you started. That’s it!

Join us now!


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